Step by step Top SEO Tips for 2017

Step by step tricks for SEO in 2017

2017 will be about answering actual search queries and not just using old on-page SEO techniques. Your headlines and meta-descriptions, too, should be focused. Google’s algorithm has evolved to include ‘rich results’ that provide the best answers at the top. Ask your SEO consultant to look at queries and not simply create keyword-rich content. Knowing your target audience helps to create quality content on a diverse range of topics.

There are 3 things that will rank you fast and keep you there (and they aren’t blackhat and don’t require backlinks – sorry for making it too simple). 😉

A winning keyword strategy. You can call it long tail if you like but I don’t think of keyword phrases in terms of how long they are. Rather, I seek to understand the intent. When you aggregate many lower competition (but high buyer intent) keywords – winning is easy. Here is a resource of 5 free (but powerful) SEO tools you can use – including keyword resources.
Content. Must be relevant and must convert both google and the site visitor. And you should use the free word Sparker tool to generate great SEO content fast.
Structured Data (Schema). Most get this completely wrong. Having structured data presents search bots with the proper catalog and you get rewarded for it. See the free digital real estate challenge where the ignytr platform is explained and how to simplify this process.
Rock on!

Improve user engagement

Ever since, marketers have always speculated user engagement as a possible ranking factor. This covers the average time on site, bounce rate, pogo sticking, and others.

For conversion, it is a proven factor that determines the effectiveness of page elements that contribute to the chances of visitors committing to your call to action.

However, what makes this factors difficult to measure in search engines is the lack of data supporting it.

User engagement is too indirect an influence on search rankings. Nonetheless, it is something that all website owners need to optimize if they are serious about getting more out of their SEO efforts.

“User engagement is just as important as any other on-site element in this day and age,” says Matt Banner of “If a visitor enjoys your website, they’ll stay on your site longer, visit more pages, help contribute to a lower bounce rate for your site overall, and most likely become a returning visitor.

“All of these positive elements factored together combine for a type of website that Google wants to rank highly in the search engines. If the user finds the website beneficial, you can bet Google will as well.”

How to rank with the help of user engagement: To help improve your site performance, in the long run, using user engagement as a factor, you may need to use tools to gain insight on how much interaction your site pages is getting from visitors.

Heatmapping quickly comes to mind when thinking of user engagement. The idea here is that the more clicks a page accumulates from its links, the more interaction it has with users.

Tools like SumoMe Heat Maps and CrazyEgg are great ways to break down the number of clicks made by users on your tracked site pages. From here, you can see which links are clicked the most and least. You can then optimize your site by improving your CTA links and buttons based on the accumulated data.

To analyze visitor engagement with your site pages, the SumoMe Content Analytics is an extremely helpful tool in looking how many of your site visitors scroll down until the very end of the page. From the data, you can also findhen out which part of your page where 50% of your visitors leave. Determine which elements of your site pages serve as obstacles that prevent visitors from scrolling down your page and optimize your site as you see fit.

One of the first steps to SEO is making sure that your site is being indexed and crawled. The next step is to look at the following items:

Information Architecture
Site Layout and User Experience
Keyword Overuse
Duplicate Content
HTML Markup
Outbound Links
Site Speed

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