The 13 Top SEO Tools of 2017 Reddit

The 13 Top SEO Tools of 2017 Reddit

In a Survey by Marketing DIVE, 82% of marketers stated that SEO is becoming significantly efficient in their website growth — with respect to traffic and revenue. According to SaaSBrand, “on average, search traffic converts 10x higher than social media traffic. This is the best time to optimize for search user. But it’s not that easy. Because search engine optimization is no longer what it used to be back in 2013. It’s evolved significantly.

To manage its complexity, you need not only the right tools but those tools that will give you deeper insights about your ideal customers and help you create better content and experience for them.

To make 2017 a phenomenal year for you, here’s a list of search engine optimization tools you should try:

The 13 Top SEO Tools of 2017

Whether you’re a new company just getting started or a well-known firm looking to up its game, these thirteen tools can help:

1 Ahrefs Agency Analytics

Ahrefs is one of the few SEO tools that allows you to track backlinks, brand mentions, keywords, and competitors all in one. The one-stop-shop for every brand, this SEO tool will help you succeed this year.

2 ClickBuffer

ClickBuffer helps prevent click fraud and keep your PPC budget intact. Designed to help you improve ROI and prevent wasted funds, this tool is critical for anyone paying for ads.

3 Hotjar

Hotjar provides real-time heat maps so you can see how people utilize your site, and improve it accordingly.

4 Moz

Offering a suite of SEO tools, Moz is the go-to for SEO tracking and research in all industries.

5 Yoast

Yoast is an SEO-specific tool that makes optimization simple. Try the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress!

6 Pingdom

A website monitoring tool that offers ways to speed-test and analyze your site, Pingdom is a critical weapon to keep in your SEO arsenal.

7 Whitespark Citation Finder

For any business with a brick-and-mortar location, Whitespark offers local SEO services and tools like citation builders and local citation finders.

8 Raven Tools Site Auditor

Raven Tools provides a selection of powerful SEO tools like a site auditor, campaign planner, and more.

9 SECockpit

One of the fastest keyword research tools on the web, SECockpit will help you overhaul your keyword strategy.

10 Ontolo

A powerful link-building, SEO, and social media management platform, Ontolo offers detailed research and analytics.

11 SpyFu

SpyFu is a keyword research tool that lets you analyze competitor sites to get an idea of where you should be headed with your keyword research.

12 Klipfolio

Klipfolio allows you to build a business dashboard to monitor business health from one straightforward and cohesive location.

13 Optimizely

Optimizely is an “Experimentation platform” that helps you customize your digital content for your customers. This, in turn, means better click-through rates and higher SEO value.

While SEO can seem complicated, these thirteen simple tools will make it easy, all throughout 2017 and beyond.

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