SEO is not a tactic, it is a process

The most important thing for anyone doing SEO is to set up their reporting correctly. SEO is not a tactic, it is a process.
You will need to distinguish between strategies that deliver business value versus those that are not working. The way to accomplish this is by having very clear and measurable goals, and then structure your website and analytics platforms in such a way that you can measure changes effectively.
An example of a good, measurable SEO goal is “I want to see more people complete my contact form on xyz page.”
You should be able to identify this action in Google Analytics by setting up a goal and then making changes to the page, testing to see if your form completion rate goes up or down.
Keyword rank positions are definitely an essential SEO metric, but rank position won’t tell you if your conversion rates have improved.
Having good, measurable goals are important for all your digital marketing efforts and will help you from spending money on tactics or consultants that aren’t delivering value.
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