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Best SEM Tools Guru is one of my favorite tools because it is all about studying your competition. With this tool you can easily see how hard it is to rank for particular keywords, compare your domains against your competitors and compile all this information to see what you need to outrank and outperform your competitors.
They have a lot of analytic reports to break down what SEO work you should be focusing on for each website and you can also generate SEO reports using this tool. You can also use this tool online from anywhere so it’s is definitely one worth trying out.
Some of the features I found very useful
  • It provides reports in an actionable format, clearly telling you the things that you need to fix and improve.
  • Pro version gets you access to the Q&A forums. You can not participate on it with a free version.
  • PRO Perks program gets you discounts on other services around the web -
  • Pro webinars (Register for upcoming seminars as well as watch old seminars. You can’t download them though. However the PPT will be available for download)
  • Pro Tool (The meat of the SEOmoz PRO subscription)
  • Private Q&A (You can ask private questions directly to the guys at SEOmoz and get reliable answers directly from the PRO SEO’s)
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